The primary mission objectives for “Community Wellness Centers of America, LLC” (CWCOA) is develop state-of-the-art health programs and services to improve health outcomes in underserved communities and attain health equality status for the residents through increased emphasis on prevention.

CWCOA’s goal is to improve the health status of the residents through increased emphasis on health prevention programs that broad-based prevention programs cannot address such as :• Chronic/Infectious Diseases
• Illnesses
• Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, and Healthy Children
• Access to Quality Health Care

The Wellness Center(s) design will be focused on preventative healthcare diagnosis and treatment resulting in a healthier population and designed to reduce health care costs and create a positive return on the community’s investment. Some of the specific risk factors include HIV/Aids, Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, and pulmonary conditions to name a few.

CWCOA will provide CCHIT certified healthcare technologies through the implementation of a comprehensive technological platform that supports all healthcare initiatives in the community, and on the State and Federal level.

Our collaborative approach involves a wide range of organizations and fosters community leadership support in developing health preventive plans that clearly identify and address problems and disparities affecting the health of the residents.

CWCOA’s mission for Improving the health of the communities residents cannot be realized without addressing health disparities. In support of addressing health disparities, our CCHIT healthcare Information Technologies will provide accurate and quality data important through which quality of wellness services will be assessed and compared over time and allow for designing effective targeted interventions.

Disparities cannot be addressed if they are not identified, and the emphasis of CWCOA’s national initiative will provide guiding principles for a healthier population that our overall healthcare delivery system to date has disproportionately affected racial, ethnic and lower socioeconomic groups.